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Samba file server for Raspberry Pi

Docker container that creates a SMB share.



docker run -d -p <docker_host_ip>:445:445 \
  -v /mnt/data:/share/data \
  -v /mnt/backups:/share/backups \
  --name <container name> trnape/rpi-samba \
  -u "alice:abc123" \
  -u "bob:secret" \
  -u "guest:guest" \
  -s "Backup directory:/share/backups:rw:alice,bob" \
  -s "Alice (private):/share/data/alice:rw:alice" \
  -s "Bob (private):/share/data/bob:rw:bob" \
  -s "Documents (readonly):/share/data/documents:ro:guest,alice,bob"

This example will bind smbd to docker host ip address and mount two directories on docker host to container. Three users will be created and given various access to four shares.


To keep things simple, TCP port 445 is the only exposed port.

Open Finder, then press ⌘K. Enter smb://<docker_host_ip> and press Connect. Enter login and password you supplied at the run stage.

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