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A Vue project template with Loopback framework optionally with Vuex, Vue-router, and Auth boilerplaite
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A Vue project template with Loopback framework featuring ES6, Gulp, and Jest for unit tests

This template is for Vue 2.x only with vue-cli.


  • Loopback service using axios at client/services/loopback;
  • Full authentication support, by default the account listed in server/initial-data/maintenance-account.json is created;
  • Ajax Async queue module in client/modules/async (useful to see if and how many requests are being made to the server);
  • CSS Modules, Sass and Bootstrap Vue.


  $ npm install -g vue-cli
  $ vue init InCuca/vue-loopback project-name
  $ npm install

Folder structure

  1. client: Vue client files
  2. common: Common client and server model files
  3. server: Loopback server files
  4. test: Unit test


  $ npm run lint


  $ npm test

Running the development server (API and Client)

  $ npm run dev


$ DEBUG=loopback npm run dev

More info...

Build to ./build

  $ npm run build

Executing built files

Please remember to update server/*.production.json files to match your enviroment.

  $ cd build
  $ npm run start
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