Scripts to support the in-world operation of InShape
Latest commit cceaaf8 Feb 28, 2015 @adamndyson adamndyson v3.0
Major rewrites for clarity, performance and reusability. New format of
route notecard to compress far more datapoints into a notecard. Route
maker greatly improved at detecting turns and climbs/descents.
Integrated with new rezzer, with notecard being stored in rezzer and
passed to device on rez. Many other fixed for sim crossing risks,
clarity and performance.
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docs Fix typo and simplify script in protocol document Nov 15, 2014
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Scripts to support the in-world operation of InShape

InShape is a virtual fitness trainer powered by community content developed by the awesome residents of the InWorldz virtual world!

These scripts are a starting point for anyone to develop their own content for the InShape system.

Check out for more information!