Scalable optionally persistent distributed message queue
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Scalable optionally persistent distributed message queue

This project is in the very early stages of development and is not yet functional

SOPMQ's design is intended to provide a distributed at least once message queue with partition tolerance. SOPMQ models a CP system.

Windows note

This project uses the EditorConfig visual studio plugin to maintain tab and spacing settings.

You must specify the paths to various dependencies under windows. An example would be:

cmake -D LIBCASSANDRA_LIBRARY=D:\lib\cpp-driver\build\Debug\cassandra.lib -D LIBCASSANDRA_INCLUDE_DIR=D:\lib\cpp-driver\include -D CRYPTOPP_INCLUDE_DIR=D:\lib\cryptopp562 -D CRYPTOPP_LIBRARY=D:\lib\cryptopp562\cryptopp\x64\Output\Debug\cryptopp.lib -D CRYPTOPP_ROOT_DIR=D:\lib\cryptopp562\cryptopp -D PROTOBUF_LIBRARY=D:\lib\protobuf-2.5.0\vsprojects\x64\Debug\libprotobuf.lib -D PROTOBUF_INCLUDE_DIR=D:\lib\protobuf-2.5.0\src -D OPENSSL_ROOT_DIR=D:\lib\openssl-1.0.1h-bin .. -G "Visual Studio 11 Win64"

More details on building later as the project matures