Quick start JSON API application (Laravel based)
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The project is not actively developed. For new projects please start from https://github.com/neomerx/limoncello-flute

Quick start JSON API application

Limoncello Collins is a JSON API quick start application.

Technically it is a default Laravel 5.2 application integrated with

It could be a great start if you are planning to develop API with Laravel.

The application includes

  • CRUD operations for a few sample resources with input data validation and events.
  • Authentication and authorization support integrated with policies.
  • Support for such JSON API features as resource inclusion, sparse field sets, sorting, filtering and pagination.
  • JSON API errors.
  • API tests.


Install docker-compose

Clone the project

Start local server at http://localhost:8080 and log server http://localhost:8090 with

$ composer install && composer docker-up

Note: use $ composer docker-down to stop the servers.

Run in Postman

Requests in Postman




This project is a fork from upstream laravel/laravel. All changes to the upstream are licensed under the MIT license


This project is synchronized with upstream master branch and uses similar versioning approach.