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(in-package :cl-git-fs)
(defun cat (&rest strings)
"Shorthand for (concatenate 'string [strings])"
(apply #'concatenate 'string strings))
(defmacro define-change (name args (msg-template &rest msg-args) &body body)
`(defmethod ,name (,@args &key (author "Default Author") (email "default@email") (message (format nil ,msg-template ,@msg-args)))
;;;;;;;;;; Thank you, krzysz00 and Clayton Stanley from [here](
(defmacro with-cwd (dir &body body)
(with-gensyms (original-directory)
`(let ((,original-directory (get-cwd)))
(unwind-protect (progn
(cwd ,dir)
(cwd ,original-directory)))))
(defun get-cwd ()
"Get the current directory pathname in an implementation-portable way"
(let ((dir #+allegro (excl:current-directory)
#+clisp (#+lisp=cl ext:default-directory #-lisp=cl lisp:default-directory)
#+(or cmu scl) (ext:default-directory)
#+sbcl (sb-unix:posix-getcwd/)
#+CCL (ccl:current-directory)
#+cormanlisp (ccl:get-current-directory)
#+lispworks (hcl:get-working-directory)
#+mcl (ccl:mac-default-directory)
#-(or allegro clisp cmu scl cormanlisp mcl sbcl lispworks CCL) (truename ".")))
(if (stringp dir)
(parse-namestring dir)
(defun cwd (&optional dir)
"Change directory and set default pathname in an implementation-portable way."
((not (null dir))
(when (and (typep dir 'logical-pathname)
(translate-logical-pathname dir))
(setq dir (translate-logical-pathname dir)))
(when (stringp dir)
(setq dir (parse-namestring dir)))
#+allegro (excl:chdir dir)
#+clisp (#+lisp=cl ext:cd #-lisp=cl lisp:cd dir)
#+(or cmu scl) (setf (ext:default-directory) dir)
#+cormanlisp (ccl:set-current-directory dir)
#+(and mcl (not openmcl)) (ccl:set-mac-default-directory dir)
#+openmcl (ccl:cwd dir)
#+gcl (si:chdir dir)
#+lispworks (hcl:change-directory dir)
#+sbcl (sb-posix:chdir dir)
(setq cl:*default-pathname-defaults* dir)
(t (get-cwd))))
;;;;;;;;;; Log format-related state
(defparameter +unix-epoch-difference+
(encode-universal-time 0 0 0 1 1 1970 0))
(defparameter +git-log-format+
"A git format string for log output
%x01 -> #\Soh
%x00 -> #\Nul
%H -> a commit hash
%ct -> committer date (in UNIX timestamp format; we use +unix-epoch-difference+ later to compensate)
%an -> author name
%ae -> author email
%B -> raw body (unwrapped subject and body)")
(defparameter +format+ (cat "--pretty=format:" +git-log-format+))
;;;;;;;;;; Parsing/escaping functions
(defun git-output->revisions (raw-output)
(loop for entry in (split-sequence #\Soh raw-output :remove-empty-subseqs t)
for (hash date author-name email raw-body) = (split-sequence #\Nul entry)
collect (list hash (+ (parse-integer date) +unix-epoch-difference+)
author-name email raw-body)))
(defun git-output->paths (raw-output)
(let ((lines (split-sequence #\Nul raw-output :remove-empty-subseqs t)))
(loop for ln in lines
for (permissions type hash path) = (split-sequence-if (lambda (char) (member char (list #\Space #\Tab))) ln)
collect path)))
(defmethod backslash-escape ((characters string) (target string))
"Takes a string of characters, and a target string.
Escapes all characters in the target that appear in the bag of characters."
(loop with chars = (coerce characters 'list)
for char in (coerce target 'list)
when (member char chars) collect #\\
collect char)
(defmethod escape-regex ((regex string))
"Escapes regex special characters for use in shell command arguments."
(backslash-escape "?*+{}[]\\^$.()" regex))
;;;;;;;;;; Git command shorthands
(defmethod git ((repo string) (command symbol) &rest args)
(with-output-to-string (s)
(with-cwd repo
(uiop:run-program `("git" ,(string-downcase (symbol-name command)) ,@args) :output s))
(defmethod git-commit! ((repo string) (files list) (author-name string) (author-email string) (log-message string))
"Shortcut for calling (git :commit ...) with the appropriate --author and -m flag"
(apply #'git repo :commit
"--author" (format nil "~a <~a>" author-name author-email)
"-m" log-message
(defmethod needs-saving? ((repo string) (file-name string))
"Returns t if the given file either
- changed according to `git-changed?`
- both exists on disk and is untracked"
(or (git-changed? repo file-name)
(and (cl-fad:file-exists-p (merge-pathnames file-name repo))
(not (latest repo file-name)))))
(defmethod git-changed? ((repo string) (file-name string))
"Returns t if the given file is both tracked and currently modified.
Basically, returns true if this file would show up as modified in a `git status` call."
(and (latest repo file-name)
(not (string= "" (git repo :diff "--name-only" file-name)))))