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(in-package :formlets)
(defvar *public-key* nil)
(defvar *private-key* nil)
(defclass recaptcha (formlet-field) ())
(defun recaptcha-passed? (challenge response ip &optional (private-key *private-key*))
(string= "true"
(car (split #\Newline
(http-request ""
:method :post
:parameters `(("privatekey" . ,private-key)
("remoteip" . ,ip)
("challenge" . ,challenge)
("response" . ,response)))))))
(defmethod validate ((field recaptcha) values)
"A reCaptcha, being a foreign API call, is validated in a completely different way"
(declare (ignore values))
(let* ((result (recaptcha-passed? (post-parameter "recaptcha_challenge_field")
(post-parameter "recaptcha_response_field")
*private-key* ))
(errors (unless result (list "You seem to have mistyped the reCaptcha"))))
(values result errors)))
(defmethod show ((field recaptcha) &optional v error)
(declare (ignore v))
(:li :class (string-downcase (name field))
(:span :class "label")
(when error
(htm (:span :class "formlet-error"
(dolist (s error)
(htm (:p (str s)))))))
(:script :type "text/javascript" :src (format nil "" *public-key*))
(:noscript (:iframe :src (format nil "" *public-key*)
:height "300" :width "500" :frameborder "0")
(:textarea :name "recaptcha_challenge_field" :rows "3" :cols "40")
(:input :type "hidden" :name "recaptcha_response_field" :value "manual_challenge")))))
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