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-Massive friggin changes (all old features are still supported, it ha…

…s been thoroughly tested and the test facility is included, minus reCaptcha keys) check for details on what's new
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@@ -0,0 +1,11 @@
+(defpackage :formlets-test-system (:use :cl :asdf))
+(in-package :formlets-test-system)
+(defsystem formlets-test
+ :version "0.1"
+ :author ""
+ :maintainer ""
+ :licence "MIT-style"
+ :description "Testing system to simplify development of the validating formlets system for Hunchentoot"
+ :components ((:file "test-package")
+ (:file "test" :depends-on ("test-package")))
+ :depends-on (:cl-who :drakma :hunchentoot :cl-ppcre :formlets))
@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@
-(defpackage "FORMLETS-SYSTEM" (:use :cl :asdf))
+(defpackage :formlets-system (:use :cl :asdf))
(in-package :formlets-system)
(defsystem formlets
:version "0.1"
@@ -30,6 +30,7 @@
:description "Validating formlets for Hunchentoot"
:components ((:file "package")
(:file "utility" :depends-on ("package"))
- (:file "recaptcha" :depends-on ("package" "utility"))
- (:file "formlets" :depends-on ("package" "utility" "recaptcha")))
+ (:file "formlets" :depends-on ("package" "utility"))
+ (:file "recaptcha" :depends-on ("package" "utility" "formlets"))
+ (:file "macros" :depends-on ("package" "utility" "formlets")))
:depends-on (:cl-who :drakma :hunchentoot :cl-ppcre))
@@ -1,84 +1,171 @@
(in-package :formlets)
-;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;basic field predicates
-(defun longer-than? (num) (lambda (f) (> (length f) num)))
-(defun shorter-than? (num) (lambda (f) (< (length f) num)))
-(defun matches? (regex) (lambda (f) (scan regex f)))
-(defun mismatches? (regex) (lambda (f) (not (scan regex f))))
-;; a hunchentoot file tuple is '(temp-filename origin-filename file-mimetype)
-(defun file-type? (&rest accepted-types)
- (lambda (hunchentoot-file-tuple)
- (member (third hunchentoot-file-tuple) accepted-types :test #'equal)))
-(defun file-smaller-than? (byte-size)
- (lambda (hunchentoot-file-tuple)
- (> byte-size (file-size (car hunchentoot-file-tuple)))))
-(defun validate-recaptcha ()
- (recaptcha-passed? (post-parameter "recaptcha_challenge_field") (post-parameter "recaptcha_response_field") (real-remote-addr)))
-;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;View related functions
-(defun show-form-field (name type form-values form-errors)
- (let* ((s-name (string name)) (l-name (string-downcase s-name)))
+;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; CLASS DECLARATIONS
+(defclass formlet ()
+ ((name :reader name :initarg :name)
+ (fields :reader fields :initarg :fields)
+ (validation-functions :accessor validation-functions :initarg :validation-functions :initform nil)
+ (error-messages :reader error-messages :initarg :error-messages :initform nil)
+ (submit-caption :reader submit :initarg :submit :initform "Submit")
+ (enctype :accessor enctype :initarg :enctype :initform "application/x-www-form-urlencoded")
+ (on-success :reader on-success :initarg :on-success)))
+(defclass formlet-field ()
+ ((name :reader name :initarg :name)
+ (validation-functions :accessor validation-functions :initarg :validation-functions :initform nil)
+ (default-value :reader default-value :initarg :default-value :initform nil)
+ (error-messages :accessor error-messages :initarg :error-messages :initform nil)))
+(defclass text (formlet-field) ())
+(defclass textarea (formlet-field) ())
+(defclass password (formlet-field) ())
+(defclass file (formlet-field) ())
+(defclass checkbox (formlet-field) ())
+(defclass formlet-field-set (formlet-field)
+ ((value-set :reader value-set :initarg :value-set :initform nil))
+ (:documentation "This class is for fields that show the user a list of options"))
+(defclass select (formlet-field-set) ())
+(defclass radio-set (formlet-field-set) ())
+(defclass formlet-field-return-set (formlet-field-set) ()
+ (:documentation "This class is specifically for fields that return multiple values from the user"))
+(defclass multi-select (formlet-field-return-set) ())
+(defclass checkbox-set (formlet-field-return-set) ())
+;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; METHODS
+;;;;NOTE: This section exists because Hunchentoots' (post-parameter [field-name])
+;; returns a single value. This is problematic for multi-select boxes and checkbox sets
+;; (both of which potentially return multiple values from the user).
+;; post-value is not necessarily Hunchentoot specific, but it does expect values in the form of an alist
+(defmethod post-value ((formlet formlet) post-alist)
+ (mapcar (lambda (f) (post-value f post-alist)) (fields formlet)))
+(defmethod post-value ((field formlet-field) post-alist)
+ (cdr (assoc (name field) post-alist :test #'string=)))
+(defmethod post-value ((field formlet-field-return-set) post-alist)
+ (loop for (k . v) in post-alist
+ if (string= k (name field)) collect v))
+;;;;;NOTE: The validate methods each return (values [validation result] [errors]).
+;; [validation result] is a boolean
+;; [errors] can be either a list or tree of strings
+(defmethod validate ((formlet formlet) form-values)
+ (let ((errors (if (validation-functions formlet)
+ (loop for f in (validation-functions formlet)
+ for msg in (error-messages formlet)
+ unless (apply f form-values) collect msg)
+ (loop for f in (fields formlet)
+ for v in form-values
+ collect (multiple-value-bind (result error) (validate f v) (unless result error))))))
+ (values (every #'null errors) errors)))
+(defmethod validate ((field formlet-field) value)
+ "Returns (values T NIL) if there are no errors, and (values NIL list-of-errors).
+ By default, a formlet-field passes only its own value to its validation functions."
+ (let ((errors (loop for fn in (validation-functions field)
+ for msg in (error-messages field)
+ unless (funcall fn value) collect msg)))
+ (values (every #'null errors) errors)))
+;;;; The show functions just take a formlet/(-field)?/ (along with its value/s?/ and error/s?/)
+;; and output the corresponding HTML. This part is cl-who specific, but it could be easily made portable
+;; by replacing html-to-stout and html-to-str with raw format calls
+(defmethod show ((formlet formlet) &optional values errors)
+ (with-slots (error-messages name enctype) formlet
- (:li (:span :class "label" (str (name->label name)))
- (case type
- (:textarea (htm (:textarea :name l-name (str (getf form-values (sym->keyword name))))))
- (:password (htm (:input :name l-name :class "text-box" :type (string type))))
- (:file (htm (:input :name l-name :class "file" :type (string type))))
- (:recaptcha (htm (recaptcha)))
- (otherwise (htm (:input :name l-name
- :value (getf form-values (sym->keyword name))
- :class "text-box" :type (string type)))))
- (show-error form-errors (sym->keyword name))))))
-(defmacro show-form ((form-name values errors &key (submit "Submit") (enctype "application/x-www-form-urlencoded")) &body fields)
- (let ((n (string-downcase (string form-name))))
- `(html-to-stout
- (show-general-error ,errors)
- (:form :name ,n :id ,n :action ,(string-downcase (format nil "/validate-~a" n)) :enctype ,enctype :method "post"
- (:ul :class "form-fields"
- ,@(mapcar (lambda (field)
- `(show-form-field ',(car field) ',(cadr field) ,values ,errors))
- fields)
- (:li (:span :class "label") (:input :type "submit" :class "submit" :value ,submit)))))))
-;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;Validation related functions
-(defmacro validate-form ((origin-fn &key fields general) &body on-success)
- `(let ((results (list ,@(loop for (field-name field-type . fn/message-list) in fields
- collect (sym->keyword field-name)
- collect (validate-field field-name field-type fn/message-list general)))))
- (if (all-valid? results)
- (progn ,@on-success)
- (,origin-fn :form-values (list ,@(loop for field in fields
- unless (member (cadr field) '(:password :file :recaptcha))
- collect (sym->keyword (car field)) and collect (car field)))
- :form-errors ,(if general `(list :general-error ,general) 'results)))))
-(defun validate-field (field-value field-type fn/message-list general-error-message)
- (cond ((equalp :recaptcha field-type) `(unless (validate-recaptcha) "You seem to have mistyped the recaptcha"))
- ((null fn/message-list) nil)
- (general-error-message `(unless (funcall ,(car fn/message-list) ,field-value) ,general-error-message))
- ((= 2 (length fn/message-list)) `(unless (funcall ,(car fn/message-list) ,field-value) ,(cadr fn/message-list)))
- (t `(combine-errors (loop for (val-fn error-message) on (list ,@fn/message-list) by #'cddr
- collect (unless (funcall val-fn ,field-value) error-message))))))
-(defun combine-errors (list-of-errors)
- (when (remove-if #'null list-of-errors)
- (html-to-str
- (dolist (e list-of-errors)
- (when e (htm (:p (str e))))))))
-;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;Formlet definition
-(defmacro def-formlet (formlet-name (source-fn fields &key general submit) &body on-success)
- (let* ((enctype "application/x-www-form-urlencoded")
- (name+type (loop for f in fields collecting (list (car f) (cadr f)) when (equalp (cadr f) :file) do (setf enctype "multipart/form-data")))
- (f-names (mapcar #'car fields)))
- `(progn (defun ,(intern (format nil "SHOW-~a-FORM" formlet-name)) (values errors)
- (show-form (,formlet-name values errors :submit ,submit :enctype ,enctype) ,@name+type))
- (define-easy-handler (,(intern (format nil "VALIDATE-~a" formlet-name)) :uri ,(format nil "/validate-~(~a~)" formlet-name)) ,f-names
- (validate-form (,source-fn :fields ,fields :general ,general) ,@on-success)))))
+ (when (and (not (every #'null errors)) error-messages)
+ (htm (:span :class "general-error" (str (show error-messages)))))
+ (:form :name (name formlet) :id name :action (format nil "/validate-~(~a~)" name) :enctype enctype :method "post"
+ (:ul :class "form-fields"
+ (loop for a-field in (fields formlet)
+ for e in errors
+ for v in values
+ do (htm (:li (:span :class "label" (str (string-capitalize (regex-replace-all "-" (name a-field) " "))))
+ (str (show a-field v (when (and e (not error-messages)) e))))))
+ (:li (:span :class "label") (:input :type "submit" :class "submit" :value (submit formlet))))))))
+(defmethod show ((list-of-string list) &optional v e)
+ "A method for showing error output in the Formlets module"
+ (declare (ignore v e))
+ (when list-of-string
+ (html-to-str (:span :class "formlet-error" (dolist (s list-of-string) (htm (:p (str s))))))))
+(defmethod show ((field formlet-field) &optional value error)
+ (html-to-str (:input :name (name field) :value value :class "text-box") (str (show error))))
+(defmethod show ((field textarea) &optional value error)
+ (html-to-str (:textarea :name (name field) (str value)) (str (show error))))
+(defmethod show ((field password) &optional value error)
+ (html-to-str (:input :name (name field) :type "password" :class "text-box") (str (show error))))
+(defmethod show ((field file) &optional value error)
+ (html-to-str (:input :name (name field) :type "file" :class "file") (str (show error))))
+(defmethod show ((field select) &optional value error)
+ (html-to-str (:select :name (name field)
+ (loop for v in (value-set field)
+ do (htm (:option :value v :selected (when (string= v value) "selected") (str v)))))
+ (str (show error))))
+(defmethod show ((field checkbox) &optional value error)
+ (html-to-str (:input :type "checkbox" :name (name field) :value (name field)
+ :checked (when (string= (name field) value) "checked"))
+ (str (show error))))
+(defmethod show ((field radio-set) &optional value error)
+ (html-to-str (loop for v in (value-set field)
+ do (htm (:span :class "input+label"
+ (:input :type "radio" :name (name field) :value v
+ :checked (when (string= v value) "checked"))
+ (str v))))
+ (str (show error))))
+(defmethod show ((field multi-select) &optional value error)
+ (html-to-str (:select :name (name field) :multiple "multiple" :size 5
+ (loop for v in (value-set field)
+ do (htm (:option :value v
+ :selected (when (member v value :test #'string=) "selected")
+ (str v)))))
+ (str (show error))))
+(defmethod show ((field checkbox-set) &optional value error)
+ (html-to-str (loop for v in (value-set field)
+ do (htm (:span :class "input+label"
+ (:input :type "checkbox" :name (name field) :value v
+ :checked (when (member v value :test #'string=) "checked"))
+ (str v))))
+ (str (show error))))
+;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; PREDICATES
+(defmacro define-predicate (name (&rest args) &body body)
+ `(defun ,name ,args (lambda (val) ,@body)))
+;;;;;;;;;; basic field predicates
+(define-predicate longer-than? (num) (> (length val) num))
+(define-predicate shorter-than? (num) (< (length val) num))
+(define-predicate matches? (regex) (scan regex val))
+(define-predicate mismatches? (regex) (not (scan regex val)))
+(define-predicate not-blank? () (or (null val) (and (stringp val) (not (string= "" val)))))
+(define-predicate same-as? (field-name-string) (string= val (post-parameter field-name-string)))
+;;;;;;;;;; file-related
+;; a hunchentoot file tuple is '([temp filename] [origin filename] [file mimetype])
+(define-predicate file-type? (&rest accepted-types) (member (third val) accepted-types :test #'equal))
+(define-predicate file-smaller-than? (byte-size) (> byte-size (file-size (car val))))
+;;;;;;;;;; set-related
+(define-predicate picked-more-than? (num) (> (length val) num))
+(define-predicate picked-fewer-than? (num) (< (length val) num))
+(define-predicate picked-exactly? (num) (= (length val) num))
@@ -0,0 +1,65 @@
+(in-package :formlets)
+;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; HELPER MACROS
+;; NOTE: If you REALLY want, you can define your own raw formlet instance and validator as in define-formlet.
+;; The same can be said about show-formlet. If you go this route, pay attention to how they communicate;
+;; currently they use Hunchentoots' session (which is the main reason :formlets isn't portable)
+(defun define-field (field-name field-type &key size value-set default-value validation)
+ "Takes a terse declaration and expands it into a make-instance for macro purposes"
+ (let ((final-value-set (when value-set `(:value-set (list ,@value-set))))
+ (final-size (when size `(:size ,size))))
+ (multiple-value-bind (functions messages) (split-validation-list validation)
+ `(make-instance ',field-type :name ,(format nil "~(~a~)" field-name)
+ :default-value ,default-value ,@final-value-set ,@final-size
+ :validation-functions (list ,@functions) :error-messages (list ,@messages)))))
+(defmacro define-formlet ((name &key general-validation (submit "Submit")) (&rest fields) &rest on-success)
+ "Converts a terse declaration form into the corresponding object and validation handler."
+ ;;; the flet function converts a terse declaration into the corresponding make-instance declaration
+ (let* ((field-names (mapcar #'car fields))
+ (field-objects (mapcar (lambda (f) (apply #'define-field f)) fields))
+ (enctype (if (every (lambda (f) (not (eq (cadr f) 'file))) fields)
+ "application/x-www-form-urlencoded"
+ "multipart/form-data")))
+ (multiple-value-bind (gen-val-fn gen-err-msg) (split-validation-list general-validation)
+ `(progn
+ ;;; declare formlet instance
+ (defparameter ,name
+ (make-instance 'formlet
+ :name ',name :submit ,submit :enctype ,enctype
+ :validation-functions ,(when general-validation `(list ,@gen-val-fn))
+ :error-messages ,(when general-validation `(list ,@gen-err-msg))
+ :fields (list ,@field-objects)
+ :on-success (lambda ,field-names (progn ,@on-success))))
+ ;;; declare validation handler
+ (define-easy-handler (,(intern (format nil "VALIDATE-~a" name)) :uri ,(format nil "/validate-~(~a~)" name)) ()
+ (let* ((formlet-values (post-value ,name (post-parameters*)))
+ (formlet-return-values (loop for f in (formlets::fields ,name) ;;the values list, less password values
+ for v in formlet-values
+ unless (eq (type-of f) 'password) collect v
+ else collect nil)))
+ (multiple-value-bind (result errors) (validate ,name formlet-values)
+ (if result
+ (apply (formlets::on-success ,name) formlet-values) ;; if everything's ok, send the user on
+ (progn
+ (setf (session-value :formlet-values) formlet-return-values
+ (session-value :formlet-errors) errors
+ (session-value :formlet-name) ',name)
+ (redirect (referer)))))))))))
+(defmacro show-formlet (formlet-name)
+ "Shortcut for displaying a formlet.
+ It outputs the formlet HTML to standard-out (with indenting).
+ If this is the last submitted formlet in session, display field values and errors, then clear out the formlet-related session information."
+ `(let ((val (if (eq (session-value :formlet-name) ',formlet-name)
+ (session-value :formlet-values)
+ (make-list (length (formlets::fields ,formlet-name)))))
+ (err (if (eq (session-value :formlet-name) ',formlet-name)
+ (session-value :formlet-errors)
+ (make-list (length (formlets::fields ,formlet-name))))))
+ (show ,formlet-name val err)
+ (when (eq (session-value :formlet-name) ',formlet-name)
+ (delete-session-value :formlet-name)
+ (delete-session-value :formlet-values)
+ (delete-session-value :formlet-errors))))
@@ -2,8 +2,9 @@
(:use :cl :cl-who :hunchentoot)
(:import-from :cl-ppcre :regex-replace-all :split :scan)
(:import-from :drakma :http-request)
- (:export :def-formlet
- :recaptcha :recaptcha-passed? :combine-errors :*private-key* :*public-key*
- :file-type? :file-smaller-than?
- :longer-than? :shorter-than? :matches? :mismatches?)
+ (:export :formlet :formlet-field
+ :text :textarea :password :file :checkbox :select :radio-set :checkbox-set :multi-select
+ :*public-key* :*private-key* :recaptcha
+ :validate :show :post-value :show-formlet :define-formlet
+ :longer-than? :shorter-than? :matches? :mismatches? :file-type? :file-smaller-than? :not-blank? :same-as? :picked-more-than? :picked-fewer-than? :picked-exactly?)
(:documentation "A package implementing auto-validating formlets for Hunchentoot"))
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