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{-# LANGUAGE OverloadedStrings #-}
module Main where
import Data.Default (def)
import Data.String (fromString)
import Data.Aeson
import qualified Data.Text as Text
import qualified Data.Vault as Vault
import Data.Acid (AcidState, Update, Query, makeAcidic, openLocalState)
import Data.Acid.Advanced (query')
import Data.Acid.Local (createCheckpointAndClose)
import Data.IxSet ((@=), Proxy(..), getOne)
import Network.Wai
import Network.Wai.Parse (parseRequestBody, lbsBackEnd)
import Network.Wai.Session (withSession)
import Network.Wai.Session.Map (mapStore_)
import Network.Wai.Handler.Warp (run)
import Network.HTTP.Types (ok200, unauthorized401, status404)
import Control.Exception (bracket)
import Control.Concurrent.Chan (Chan, newChan, dupChan, writeChan)
import Control.Monad.Trans.Resource (ResourceT)
import TypeSynonyms
import Util
import Model
import Handlers
routes :: DB -> SessionStore -> Request -> RES
routes db session req = do
let Just (sessionLookup, sessionInsert) = Vault.lookup session (vault req)
user <- sessionLookup "user"
case pathInfo req of
("app":rest) ->
loggedInRoutes db user rest req
("auth":rest) ->
authRoutes db sessionLookup sessionInsert rest req
["static", subDir, fileName] ->
serveStatic subDir fileName
[] ->
resFile "text/html" "static/index.html"
["favicon.ico"] ->
_ -> res404
authRoutes :: DB -> LookupFN -> InsertFN -> [Text.Text] -> Request -> RES
authRoutes db sLookup sInsert path req = do
withPostParams req ["name", "passphrase"] route
where route [name, pass] =
case path of
["login"] ->
login db sInsert name pass
["register"] ->
case pass of
"" -> resError "At least pick a non-empty passphrase"
_ -> register db sInsert name pass
_ -> res404
loggedInRoutes :: DB -> Maybe String -> [Text.Text] -> Request -> RES
loggedInRoutes db maybeUserName path req = do
(params, _) <- parseRequestBody lbsBackEnd req
case maybeUserName of
Just name -> do
maybeAccount <- query' db $ AccountByName name
case maybeAccount of
Just user -> case path of
("item":rest) ->
withParams params ["itemName"] route
where route [itemName] = itemRoutes db user itemName rest params
["list"] ->
listItems db user
["new"] ->
withParams params ["itemName", "comment", "count"] new
where new [name, comment, ct] = case reads ct :: [(Integer, String)] of
(count, _):_ -> newItem db user name comment count
_ -> resError "Count needs to be readable as an Integer"
["change-passphrase"] ->
withParams params ["newPassphrase"] change
where change [newPass] = changePassphrase db user newPass
_ -> res404
Nothing -> resError "Invalid user"
Nothing -> resError "Not Logged In"
itemRoutes :: DB -> Account -> String -> [Text.Text] -> BSAssoc -> RES
itemRoutes db user itemName path params = do
case getOne $ (accountItems user) @= itemName of
Just item -> case path of
["need"] ->
needItem db user item
["got"] ->
gotItem db user item
["delete"] ->
deleteItem db user item
["comment"] ->
withParams params ["comment"] $ commentItem db user item . head
["count"] ->
withParams params ["count"] changeCount
where changeCount [ct] = case reads ct :: [(Integer, String)] of
(count, _):_ -> countItem db user item count
_ -> resError "Count needs to be readable as an Integer"
_ -> res404
Nothing -> resError "Invalid item"
----- Server start
main = do
session <- Vault.newKey
store <- mapStore_
bracket (openLocalState initialDB) (createCheckpointAndClose)
(\db -> run 3000 . withSession store (fromString "SESSION") def session $ routes db session)