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First World Problems - There are so many interesting projects on Kickstarter that I miss some of them

I'm sick of missing interesting game projects on Kickstarter.

So I made this.

It's currently deployed and running at kicktracker.inaimathi.ca.



It's an RSS feed server, so just go to it and pick a feed. It's currently running at kicktracker.inaimathi.ca. Among the feeds you can subscribe to are:

All feeds are sorted in descending order of launch-date. Only live projects are shown.


  • Clone this repo and cd into it
  • Either
    • Run lein uberjar, then java -jar target/kicktracker*standalone.jar
    • Run lein run

You can specify the listening port in that last step by passing it as an argument. For instance, java -jar target/kicktracker*standalone.jar 8484 and lein run 8484 both listen on port 8484 instead of the default. The default port is 8000.


  • Right now, every request for a feed hits kickstarter. Two problems:
    • one, we generate more traffic than we ought to
    • two, we may miss projects depending on how requests are timed. Some kind of caching mechanism solves the first one. Not sure how to solve the second outside of heartbeat requests.

License & Thanks

Copyright © 2015 inaimathi

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.

  • Thanks to the kickscraper project, which includes this mildly outdated, but still very helpful starting point on interacting with the KS API.