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an HTTP, multiplayer implementation of the classic Battleship game

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Attack of the strategic thesaurus

This is an HTTP, multiplayer guessing game


  • Semi-playable, graphic version is now available (only supports one game per server at the moment, so just stick to playing with your local friends)
  • Makes heavy use of HTML5 and CSS3 constructs; recent browsers advised


You can almost ql:quickload it. It uses a package called cl-css to eliminate a bunch of CSS3 boilerplate, so you'll need to install that via ASDF or github.

(require 'asdf) 
(require 'asdf-install) 
(asdf-install:install 'cl-css)` 
  1. Clone this repository
  2. Start up your lisp
  3. (ql:quickload :strifebarge)
  4. Browse to http://[your-machine-ip]:5050 and have your opponent do the same
  5. One of you start a New Game. The other should then Join it.
  6. Play StrifeBarge

License Info

This program is released under the GNU AGPL (License text can be found in the file, or at

A minified copy of jQuery is included for ease of installation; jQuery is dual-licensed under the GPL and Expat licenses. Readable source can be found at their project page.

Media is included from This includes

more to come, I'm sure.

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