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@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ Ok, if you want to use it anyway,
1. change config variables in `package.lisp` to reflect your setup
2. load :web-mote
-3. start an `mplayer` service by evaluating `(defparameter *mplayer* (make-thread (shell-command (format nil "tail -f ~a | mplayer -slave -idle -fs -display :0.0" *cmd-in*))))`
+3. start an `mplayer` service by evaluating `(serve-mplayer)`
4. navigate to `http://[machine ip]:[*server-port*]` to use the remote menu
Like I said, it's meant to be used through my iPod touch, so the stylesheet is specifically crafted to fit the width of the screen and be readable at that size. If you're using another device, you may need to play with the .css file. There are also a few outstanding issues that I want to deal with before I can endorse the use of this system by anyone other than me.

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