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InToken is a ERC-20 and ERC-223 compliant token on Ethereum blockchain.
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InToken Ðapp and ICO Smart Contracts

Public repository for source code of the InToken ERC-20/223 token and associated Crowdsale smart contracts.


  • InToken is a utility token for businesses to reward a community of people who make them introductions to customers.

Useful information

Read more: Whitepaper

Company website: Inbot

Wallet: InToken Wallet

Software license: MIT License

Main contracts

  • InToken

Serves as the main governing smart contaract for IN tokens. Allows to transfer, mint and burn InTokens.


The /audits folder contains all audits of the Solidity Source Code for InToken smart contract ecosystem. Reports are generated by tools such as Oyente Audits (contained in the /audits/oyente folder) and ConsenSys Mythril (contained in the /audits/mythril folder). Reports for Oyente are linked to the Solidity files (*.sol) with the same name, e.g. for /contracts/InToken.sol there is file in the /audits/oyente folder. For Mythril there is one markdown file aggregating audits for all available smart contracts in the Truffle project (including OpenZeppelin contracts).


How to run tests

In separate terminal run next command:


In terminal from the project folder run the following command:

truffle test

How to deploy to mainnet

In separate terminal run your Ethereum node on 8545 port (Parity, for example).

And in main terminal run the following command:

truffle migrate --network=live
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