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Zelda Game


This was a project given to me as a test by Manheim. The goal was to make a text based game that was creative but also showcased my current dev skills. This game was created back in February. There are plenty of things that need to be fixed. Major improvements are soon to come.

The Apprenticeship

As stated earlier, this game was inspired by the Manheim assignment. I was currently going for a paid apprenticeship with the company. I made it to the third round of the elimination process and was given this task. I definitely had fun building and developing the game. The whole process of signing up for the program and going to the Meetups as well as the interviews were life changing and a great experience.

Running The Game

In order to run the game you will have to download or clone this repository. I assume you know how to navigate into the main root folder from the terminal. If not this screenshot will help give you an idea.

Terminal Image 1

Once you are in the root of the folder carefully type in "npm install" on your terminal or command prompt (You will need Node.js for this to work. If you need Node click on this link.) Next, carefully type in "npm run server" this will run the game on your local machine and allow you to play on the browser.

Terminal Image 2

Stopping The Game

In order to properly stop running the game exit from the browser. Then make sure you're actively on the terminal or command prompt, now simultaneously hit the ctrl + c keys. Now exit out of your terminal or command prompt.


Fill free to report issues and bugs.