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Incredible Web Employee Handbook & Culture Code

Originally Incredible Web was a two-man team, both co-founders sharing the same vision for the company, the culture and the process. As the team grew, new people who joined the team had to figure everything out by themselves and at times it might have been confusing. We created this handbook so that new and prospective employees can learn about how Incredible Web works and learn why we are a great place to work.

This handbook will aim to answer questions about remote working, company events, how we structure our development processes and hopefully every other question you may have. It also serves to clarify who Incredible Web are, what we believe in and why we love what we do.

Please help us in keeping this up-to-date and error free; and as an Incredible Web employee feel free to make your own contributions.

Incredible You

Everyone working at Incredible Web is Incredible Web. We expect all employees to share the same vision, that of developing outstanding solutions through innovation in technology. We also expect that all employees treat our customers with a service they will remember. If Jeff is responding to customer support or Stan is working on a new feature, we expect that the customer gets the best service possible in all scenarios. The product must be of outstanding quality. Most of our customers come through word of mouth - a customer recommending us following an outstanding experience - and your voice is part of us.

If you are part of the Incredible Web team, that means we believe that you are incredible and have huge personal potential and are an invaluable asset to the company. This could be a combination of technical expertise, character traits or any other personal skill or ability which we thought is fantastic to have on the team.

Open Source

Incredible Web aims to be on the fore-front of the technology revolution, working with the latest frameworks and investing time in keeping up-to-date. However we also believe that it is our duty to contribute towards the community, through presentations, seminars or open-sourcing some of our technologies. We encourage all employees to share their thoughts on our blog and to contribute towards our GitHub repository. We also provide opportunities to organise public events if anyone would be interested in sharing their knowledge with a live audience.

The people who work at Incredible Web can become consumed by the awesomeness of their work and feel the pressure to keep learning and contributing. We're very happy to be in such a position and have such a great team, but at the end of the day we recommend a healthy work/life balance, take some time off and enjoy yourself.

What We Do

As you should probably know by now, Incredible Web is a software provider, specialising in web & mobile applications. We take a proactive approach towards adopting and learning the latest standards and technologies in order to create future-proof designs and are able to apply our skills and knowledge to a diverse range of applications. We have clients all across the globe, ranging from U.S. Senators to local take-away restaurants. Our belief is that good software engineering principles can be applied in different ways to meet different requirements, allowing us to become polymorphic and develop software solutions of different forms and sizes.

Incredible Web is also part of the Apple Developer programme and has obtained a license which allows it to deploy and publish solutions to the Appstore for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Incredible Web is also a Google Play publisher with the ability to sell priced apps, develop in-app purchases and/or subscriptions and market your application within the Google Play store.


One of our own "side-project-become-success-story" is Bumalift, a reward-driven carpooling application & API. Bumalift was launched in 2015 with the goal of contributing towards a more sustainable means of transportation in the Maltese islands. Over the years, Bumalift has grown to a platform servicing more than 2,000 users and providing almost 1,000 free monthly rides to University students.

How We Work

We work following the SCRUM methodology, this means that every week we are assigned a number of tasks which we will be working on. As the projects vary significantly, ordinarily one person is responsible for organising the backlog and assigning the tasks to be worked on during the current sprint.

Tools We Use

Technologies We Use

Listing the technologies we use is irrelevant and this is constantly changing as we meet the latest developments, however if there is something interesting, most likely we are on it.

Where We Work


The Incredible Web office is located on the University of Malta campus in Msida, Malta. Most employees work from the office during office hours.


At Incredible Web we are currently "beta-testing" remote working. We are treading carefully and still encourage most employees to be available at the office; however employees who need to work remotely for definite short periods of time are able to do so following confirmation from their manager. At the moment, on average 20% of development is done remotely.

Benefits & Perks

  • 24 vacation days per year
  • 10 fully paid sick days per year
  • 10 sick days at 50% salary per year
  • Remote Working
  • Equipment Grant
  • Free lunch (daily!)


Moonlighting means working other professional, paid jobs outside of your work at Incredible Web. While we are excited that our developers want to keep learning even beyond their time at Incredible Web, we want to make sure professional endeavors outside of Incredible Web don’t create conflicts of interest or affect your time, dedication, or performance at Incredible Web. It's a bit of a blurry line.

With that in mind, here is what is not allowed:

  1. You can’t work full time or part time for another company in our industry. Speak to Kevin or Shaun if it is unclear.

  2. Consult for other companies in our industry where there may be a conflict of interest (a competitor, a product tangentially related to Incredible Web, etc).

  3. Be aggressive in marketing your availability for side projects.

  4. Take on anything outside of work that’ll pull too much attention from work. For example, if you wanted to launch an app, but the app requires providing timely customer support.

In general we’d like to be lenient and even encourage it, but we need to make sure it is not impacting your performance here at Incredible Web. If you’re in doubt, please reach out to Kevin or Shaun.

Company Events

We organise company events regularly. We expect that all employees attend company events as these are held during working hours. Company events help bring the entire team together. Company events vary and in the past have included self-drive boat trips, full-day excursions to Gozo (Malta's sister island), escape rooms, karting...etc.