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Arakoon: a simple distributed key/value store
Compiling: see COMPILING
License information:
for the full license text, see COPYING
Libraries we use: see LIBRARIES
You're either reading this because you downloaded a binary package,
and want to get started on playing with it, or you downloaded the source
tarball, or cloned the repo.
Getting Started:
create the following configuration:
nodes = arakoon_0
cluster_id = my_cluster
ip =
client_port = 4000
messaging_port = 4010
home = /tmp/arakoon_0
log_dir = /tmp/arakoon_0
log_level = info
A sample configuration like this can be found in the cfg dir.
Just running './main.native --node arakoon_0' starts a 1 node cluster for you to play with.
You can get/set values from the command line using :
./main.native --set key value
./main.native --get key
to get an overview of what else the command line provides.
./main.native --help
have fun,
The arakoon team
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