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1 parent c71a9b3 commit b0fa1c8b3dcb85aa2951045e3e84f449ce6f751a Romain Slootmaekers committed Mar 23, 2011
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@@ -19,34 +19,44 @@ COMPILING:
we use ocamlbuild combined with ocamlfind as main driver for our builds.
-ocamlbuild manifest.pdf ==> _build/manifest.pdf
+ ocamlbuild manifest.pdf ==> _build/manifest.pdf
-ocamlbuild main.native ==> main.native
+ ocamlbuild main.native ==> main.native
-ocamlbuild arakoon_client.cma arakoon_client.cmxa ==>
- _build/src/arakoon_client.cma
- _build/src/arakoon_client.cmxa
- src/client/arakoon_exc.mli
- _build/src/client/arakoon_exc.cmi
- _build/src/client/arakoon_exc.cmx
- src/client/arakoon_client.mli
- _build/src/client/arakoon_client.cmi
- _build/src/client/arakoon_client.cmx
- src/client/arakoon_remote_client.mli
- _build/src/client/arakoon_remote_client.cmi
- _build/src/client/arakoon_remote_client.cmx
+ ocamlbuild arakoon_client.cma arakoon_client.cmxa ==>
+ _build/src/arakoon_client.cma
+ _build/src/arakoon_client.cmxa
+ src/client/arakoon_exc.mli
+ _build/src/client/arakoon_exc.cmi
+ _build/src/client/arakoon_exc.cmx
+ src/client/arakoon_client.mli
+ _build/src/client/arakoon_client.cmi
+ _build/src/client/arakoon_client.cmx
+ src/client/arakoon_remote_client.mli
+ _build/src/client/arakoon_remote_client.cmi
+ _build/src/client/arakoon_remote_client.cmx
-./main.native --run-all-tests
+ ./main.native --run-all-tests
Bisect needs to be installed. (get it from
-ocamlbuild -tag use_bisect -tag use_macro main.d.byte
+ ocamlbuild -tag use_bisect -tag use_macro main.d.byte
+ ./
+DEBIAN packages:
+ fakeroot debian/rules clean
+ fakeroot debian/rules build
+ fakeroot debian/rules binary
+Python egg:
+ python bdist_egg
have fun,
create the following configuration:
- nodes = arakoon_0
+ cluster = arakoon_0
cluster_id = my_cluster
51 debian/changelog
@@ -1,3 +1,54 @@
+arakoon (0.8.2-1) unstable; urgency=low
+ This cycle the focus was on bugfixing.
+ Full details are in the Arakoon Jira. Here's the quick list
+ * [ARAKOON-133] Arakoon daemon takes GBytes of memory when doing large catchup in combination with debug logging enabled
+ * [ARAKOON-132] Arakoon server crashed as a result of 'invalid store update request'
+ * [ARAKOON-131] Catchup fails if it starts from a multiple of the number of tlog entries per tlog file
+ * [ARAKOON-130] Slave cannot promise on same n more than once
+ * [ARAKOON-129] Arakoon node runs out of file descriptors when compressing tlog
+ * [ARAKOON-128] Slave considers master lease expired when it's not
+ * [ARAKOON-127] Log last n debug log messages when the state machine crashes
+ * [ARAKOON-126] There are still some corner cases where we probably don't do the right thing
+ * [ARAKOON-125] In case of master reelection or catchup slaves do not always push previous uncommited updates in the store
+ * [ARAKOON-124] Masterlease uses absolute timestamps as part of the update value
+ * [ARAKOON-123] Log rotation should reload log configuration
+ * [ARAKOON-122] expectprogress returns incorrect or no value in forced master setup when slave is not running
+ * [ARAKOON-121] Slave dies when receiving promis which n is higher than expected
+ * [ARAKOON-120] Restarting a forced master at the wrong time can lead to cluster without progress
+ * [ARAKOON-119] Node should die when a corrupt tc is encountered at runtime
+ * [ARAKOON-118] tlog iteration starting from the wrong value starts in the wrong tlog file
+ * [ARAKOON-117] When a slave goes to election mode, the previous update is not always pushed to the store
+ * [ARAKOON-115] Updates can be pushed into the store twice which under certain conditions can lead to data loss
+ * [ARAKOON-114] Interuption of tlog compression results in half compressed tlogs which are treated as a normal tlog
+ * [ARAKOON-112] when arakoon node is down, but machine is up, connecting nodes hammer
+ * [ARAKOON-111] Monkey dies with "Lwt.wakeup invalid argument"
+ * [ARAKOON-110] State machine fails when running as master, it receives a message from newly elected master
+ * [ARAKOON-109] Election timeout is not always fired with can lead to master-less cluster
+ * [ARAKOON-107] Specifying tlog directory with Pylabs Arakoon extension results in error
+ * [ARAKOON-106] Master election can get in a loop
+ * [ARAKOON-105] If system clock is changed lease is not invalidated
+ * [ARAKOON-103] Number of tlogs is limited to 1000
+ * [ARAKOON-102] Provide clone functionality
+ * [ARAKOON-101] Improve catchup speed
+ * [ARAKOON-100] Provide basic load statistics
+ * [ARAKOON-99] Store can get ahead of tlogs
+ * [ARAKOON-98] Empty node can become master
+ * [ARAKOON-97] Automatically truncate tlogs if they are corrupt
+ * [ARAKOON-95] Add repair option that can be used in case of tlog corruption
+ * [ARAKOON-94] having a machine that is not live in an arakoon config makes the cluster slow
+ * [ARAKOON-93] Master restart can lead to a missed update in the slave store
+ * [ARAKOON-92] Retry during master election does not always retry correctly
+ * [ARAKOON-91] Arakoon getStatus() and getStatusOne returns unwanted PID information
+ * [ARAKOON-90] node dies if too many clients connect
+ * [ARAKOON-85] Failing system test: Disk full on slave
+ * [ARAKOON-83] Add possibility to define clusterid for a certain set of Arakoon nodes
+ * [ARAKOON-82] Add protocol version check
+ * [ARAKOON-81] With forced master, the master's store counter can get ahead of the tlogs
+ * [ARAKOON-79] Tlog rollover can make catchup fail
+ * [ARAKOON-78] expect_progress_possible returns true in scenarios where a slave is in catchup
+ * [ARAKOON-77] Lease can expire without being stored
+ * [ARAKOON-76] multicast of messages is serial, which sometimes gives bad performance
+ * [ARAKOON-71] Run Arakoon as a different user
arakoon (0.8.1-1) unstable; urgency=low
Full details are in the Arakoon JIRA. Here's the quick list
* [ARAKOON-67] Provide TC tools in QPackage

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