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Arakoon 1.8.6

@domsj domsj released this · 6 commits to 1.8 since this release

bugfix: plugins should be loaded when doing a catchup only


Arakoon 1.8.5

@domsj domsj released this · 10 commits to 1.8 since this release

  • bugfix for sequences during which range queries are used, with some change of semantics (#559)
  • some tweaks to our rpm builds


Arakoon 1.8.4

@domsj domsj released this · 18 commits to 1.8 since this release

  • we started actively using the arakoon plugin mechanism, and performed some finetuning based on that experience
  • expose nop command in cli
  • performance improvement for catchup


Arakoon 1.8.0

@toolslive toolslive released this · 56 commits to 1.8 since this release

General Release Notes:

  • Arakoon 1.8.0 supercedes the latest 1.7 (1.7.4). This means that all maintenance efforts on the 1.7 branch got merged through on 1.8 while developing this one.
  • Arakoon 1.8.0 is fully backward compatible with Arakoon 1.7, (except for user functions which got an overhaul)

Toolchain changes:

  • OCaml 4.02.1 & adapt to Bytes.
  • Lwt 2.4.7

New features:

  • User hooks: The problem with user functions was that they are an "update".
    Sometimes you need arbitrary read access to the database, or you don't even know if you're going to read or write before you see the data. User hooks cater for these needs.
    You could even roll your own protocol inside a user hook. User hooks will require more comfort and that's why we opened up some libraries in the arakoon client lib.

  • Llio gets more functionality.

    • int8, tuple3, tuple4, tuple5
  • Arakoon Client lib:

    • expose Llio
    • expose uuidm,
    • expose ocplib-endian
    • expose ini file reader
  • Bugfixes:
    while developing 1.8 we merged through all maintenance updates from the 1.7 branch.


Arakoon 1.7.4

@domsj domsj released this · 19 commits to 1.7 since this release

Changes since Arakoon 1.7.3 include:

  • fixed a multiple masters issue (#470)
  • fixed interaction between preferred masters and the drop master call (#480)
  • added TLS version & cipher list configuration (#461
  • ensure tlfs are synced before renaming them to their destination (#463)
  • use a temporary file when receiving head.db (#439)
  • at end of collapse, replaced copy with a rename (#474)
  • added --unsafe-close-tlog to the cli to make closing a tlog a bit easier (#481, #487)
  • simple throttling scheme for head copying (#482)
  • limit dependencies for plugins (#489)
  • various optimizations (#444, #446, #452, #455)


Arakoon 1.6.14

@domsj domsj released this · 2 commits to 1.6 since this release

Changes since 1.6.13 include:

  • updated camltc dependency to 0.9.2
  • revert breaking change related to handling of multiple ips in the qshell extension (#477)
  • simple throttling scheme for head.db copying (#482)
  • fix another multiple masters issue (#484)
  • backport preferred master changes from 1.7 (#486)


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