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@@ -24,9 +24,9 @@ can't (for now) be used on other platforms. Some features require a very recent
(>= 3.0) kernel and require specific file-system support, currently only
provided by `ext4`, `XFS` and `OCFS2`.
-It's written in OCaml_, so you'll need a recent OCaml compiler on your system
-(we develop using OCaml 3.12, earlier versions might or might not work). The
-build system uses `ocamlbuild` and `ocamlfind`.
+It's written in OCaml_, so you'll need a recent (>= 3.12) OCaml compiler on your system.
+The build system uses `ocamlbuild` and `ocamlfind`.
Finally, a working C compiler and up-to-date system header files are required.
@@ -40,6 +40,12 @@ Execute `make html` in the `doc` tree to generate HTML output. Execute
.. _OCaml:
.. _Sphinx:
+Warning: the documentation is out of date, and updating it is currently low priority.
+If you want to know how it works, take a look at our blog: `Incubaid Research Blog`_
+.. _Incubaid Research Blog:
Baardskeerder is available under the LGPL-3 license. See COPYING_ for more

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