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A C client for Arakoon
C C++ Python
branch: 1.3



Crakoon is a client for the Arakoon key-value store implemented in C. It has no special dependencies on most POSIX systems, although it's only been tested on GNU/Linux.


To build the library from repository source, you need to initialize the autotools environment by executing

$ autoreconf -i

Now configure, build and install the library as usual:

$ ./configure --prefix=...
$ make
$ make install


Some basic tests are included which use the check library. Execute the test-suite by running

$ make check

Some test utilities running against a real Arakoon server are provided as well, you can run them using

$ ./tests/test-arakoon-client clustername node1 host1 4321 node2 host2 9876
$ ./tests/test-nursery-client clustername node1 host1 4321 node2 host2 9876


Some documentation is provided in the 2 public header files which you can find in src/arakoon.h and src/arakoon-nursery.h and define the public API. Make sure to read the error handling information.

Caveats & TODO

Abort handling

As of now, the library is not free of abort(3) calls: even though in most situations appropriate error codes should be returned (including ENOMEM on memory allocation failure, which you can override using arakoon_memory_set_hooks(arakoon_memory_get_abort_hooks()) or similar) in some circumstances the library will call abort:

  • When internal corruption is detected, e.g. an enum field has an unknown value
  • Failure to fully write a command string, i.e. when a command string is not of precalculated length at the end of construction
  • At 2 memory allocation sites when allocation fails. This should be fixed.

Socket handling

Currently socket handling is hardcoded around an internal call to poll(2) (to support timeouts). This could be changed so the library can be hooked into existing mainloops later on, although this is a non-trivial effort (the current design is not callback/context-based).

Supported features

Crakoon doesn't aim to support all Arakoon features at all times. If a required feature is not supported, please file a support ticket, or issue a pull request!

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