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QML IoT components, for fast and super user friendly IoT projects
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Weather application


QML IoT components, for fast and super user friendly IoT projects. These components could be used as widgets for QSimpleScada lib


You can check sample code that uses EEIoT lib -

Easy start

To start using EEIoT just run

qpm install com.indeema.eeiot

and then import the lib

import "qrc:/com/indeema/eeiot/EEIoT/"

Communication and Support

If you encounter an issue or you have any comments or propositions with using the EEIoT library then you can reach us in several different ways:

  • Having difficulties with using EEIoT you can write at Stackoverflow. Don't forget about specifing the EEIoT tag. You will be helped by the community of this resource or our specialists will help you with an answer.

  • If you find a bug and want to tell us about it - specify it in the section Issues. In this section, we only consider bugs and ignore any questions relating to the support.

  • For additional assistance with your project - please contact us at and specify EEIoT in the subject line.

  • You can also follow our news at @IndeemaSoftware or on our blog.

  • For further questions on cooperation, simply email us at

  • If you need components just contact us with design , we will add these components to lib.


EEIoT works under the MIT license. For more information see here.


EEIoT is released for testing purposes only. We make no guarantees with respect to its function. By using this software you agree that Indeema is not liable for any damage to your system and data.

To know more about us and our IoT expertise, visit our website

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