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This is constructor for simple Scada UI
C++ QMake
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This is constructor for simple Scada UI. In order of any questions please conatact

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To test this sample install qpm ( and run in project root qpm install. Or download QSimpleScada (

We created these simples that are using qt Scada sdk to easily create UIs that shows some objects with their statuses. You can add any number of objects with any marker or background image for each state.

Builder - simple dashboard builder Weather - weather checking application that shows data od predeveloped dashboard


Weather application

In MainWindow class we have realisation on QSimpleScada usage. With window in edit mode and config panel at the left side.
As a sample first two objects are created as dynamic with visible marker and the third object is background object on which you cah locate your markers
QScadaObject class is used to display marker or background view. It can be managed by updating setInfo, using container QScadaObjectInfo.
In resources path you can find sample.irp file. Open it with QSampleScada app to see sample

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