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Pre-staged HashiCorp Vault as a Chef Habitat package with code to quickly stand up a Local Development and AWS environment.
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HashiCorp Vault and Chef Habitat

This repository holds the code for quickly deploying HashiCorp vault backed by Consul running inside Chef Habitat.


  • Habitat
  • Docker
  • Test Kitchen
  • Kitchen Docker
  • Kitchen Habitat


There are two use cases for this repository:

  • Demos: quickly spin up the local cluster to display Vault/Consul/Habitat capabilities
  • Development: Develop applications to make use of HashiCorp Vault


Local Dev

To start from scratch (build and launch everything), ensure the dependencies are met, and then run the following:

$ ./ && ./

The following builds the packages and create last_build.env files for each services:

$ ./

Will launch test kitchen setting the appropriate environment variables for the habitat packages based on last_build.env files. The input should be 2 harts, the consul hart and the vault hart.

$ ./


All of the terraform is located in the terraform/ directory. To launch it, you'll need to create a variables file similar to the following:

aws_key_name = "<key-name>"
aws_key_pair_file = "<path-to-key-file>"

# Network
vpc_id    = "<vpc-id>"    # default VPC
subnet_id = "<subnet-id>" # us-east-1

# Habitat variables
habitat_origin     = "<origin-name>"
habitat_auth_token = "<path-to-auth-token>"

# Tags
tag_environment = "<environment>"
tag_prefix      = "<prefix>"

With that built, you can now terraform:

$ cd terraform
$ terraform init
$ terraform plan -var-file <path to var file>
$ terraform apply -var-file <path to var file>

The terraform outputs will show you how to get the token as well as the vault address and various UIs.


First, the packages need to be built. This can be easily done with habitat studio.

$ pushd consul
$ hab studio build
$ popd
$ pushd vault
$ hab studio build

Once this is completed, you can now run the kitchen code!

$ kitchen converge

To get the vault root token, grab it from the habitat census:

$ curl -s localhost:9631/census | jq -r '.["census_groups"]["vault.default"].service_config.value.config.token'

The Consul UI is now available here: http://localhost:8200/ui

The Vault UI is located here: http://localhost:8500/ui

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