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A twitter bot that replies back with an image of my friend's cat on some landscape in the world
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Jaxson - The Twitter Bot

Inder Dhillon


Using Twitter API and Reddit API to stick an image of my friend's cat on a random landscape from Reddit and replying the image to anyone who uses the hashtag #jaxsonreplies on Twitter.


The program pulls a random landscape from a subreddit on Reddit using Reddit's API to get a json file. Then it uses pillow library to overlay my friend's cat on the landscape. Then it uses Twitter API's streaming endpoint to listen for any tweets with the hashtag #jaxsonreplies and replies with the image formed using pillow.

Modules used:

tweepy : Twitter's API Wrapper
pillow : Image manipulation
requests : Getting json data
random : Selecting random image from a subreddit


Hey @inderdhillxn I am currently here!

— Jaxson (@JaxsonReplies) January 7, 2020
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