Demo using image_features api to sort images based on similarity.
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This demo uses the Indico image_features API to sort images based on similarity.

Getting Started with the Sample Data

Clone the repo:

git clone

Fire up your test server using SimpleHTTPServer (or equivalent):

cd ImageSimilarity && python -m SimpleHTTPServer

See the demo at localhost:8000/similarity.html!

Sort by Color

Click on any image to trigger sorting based on similarity to that image.

The initial view will look something like this:

Initial View!

Clicking on one of the more brownish images triggers a resort. Limiting the data to ten images, the result looks something like so, with the target item first:

Brownish Things!

Similar for the clicking one of the bluer items:

Blueish Things!

Image Recognition: Beyond Color

Loading the full 250 image set, you can truly experience the power of the Indico API.

Click on a horse to sort by general horseyness. Note that it recognizes a brown horse on brown background even though the initial image was mostly green:


Or a car to sort by similarity to automobile-shaped items:


How it Works

Take a look at, the file where the magic happens. It's pretty short.

from scipy.misc import imsave, imread
from indicoio import image_features
import json

# Compute image features for all images and save to json.
features = []
for i in range(250):                        # there are 250 items in the default dataset
    img = imread('imgs/%s.png'%i)
    features.append(image_features(img))    # magic happens here!

json.dump(features, open('features.json', 'wb'))

The application sends the images in the img file to the Indico image_features API, which returns a JSON of abstract features describing the image.

similarity.js orders these features by Euclidean distance from a target image (the one you click on in the UI), and the nifty Isotope library displays and animates the sorting process.

Further Reading