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A terminal based vocable training application written in GO
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A terminal based vocable training application written in GO

Installation and Dependencies

Vocable-o depends on termbox-go (

Install and update with go get -u


Language support / learning

Vocable-o supports every language you like, however you have to add all languages yourself (this can be done in the application). Five pockets are used to maximize your learning efficiency. Every vocable moves to the next pocket after it was guessed correctly x times, where x = pocketnumber + 1 (x can be modified in a later version). If a word is guessed false once and the success-counter is greater then 0, the success-counter of that word is set to 0, otherwise the word is moved back to the previouse pocket.

almost right answers

If a word is guessed almost right, which means the levenshtein distance equals 1, then a second chance is granted. A right answer then neither increase nor decreases the words success counter, however a false answer is handled as described before. The levenshtein distance is modified in a way, that twisted characters (e.g. ab instead of ba) are counted as one mistake, as this often happens while typing really fast.

Character replacements

Characters which are not present on your keyboard(or pretty inconvenient) can be substituted by other keys/key-sequences by defining them in the replacements.txt in following form:

old-key-sequence := new-key-sequence

E.g.: °A := Å to write Å in the application you can now use the combination of °A.

Or by using the in-program editor for character replacements.

When editing, check that non of old-key-sequences is part of a new-key-sequence, things like b := abc will turn out, that every time you type a key, the b in abc will be replaced with abc.

Planned features

  • ignoring of punctuation characters (DONE)
  • in-program modification of character replacements (DONE)
  • language specific character replacements
  • improve pocket system (modifiable x)
  • add helping support (number of characters, character suggestion,...)
  • add reverse language learning (new language -> known language)
  • fancy colors? (Supported)
  • importer for anki decks/cards
  • suggest me more stuff.
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