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Carry Counterparty wherever you go!

IndieSquare Wallet makes it easier for everyone to unlock the true potential of tokens.

What is IndieSquare Wallet?

IndieSquare Wallet is the world’s first Counterparty wallet built for mobile devices.
For the first time you can send and receive tokens (as well as many other features) straight from your smartphone!

What is Counterparty?

"The world’s first protocol for decentralized financial tools" ―
Counterparty allows you to create custom “Tokens” on the Bitcoin blockchain and expand the possibility of Bitcoin

Features of the app

  • Easy access to Counterparty tokens
    Use a 4 digit PIN or fingerprint(iOS) for quick access. Counterparty is available wherever and whenever.

  • Send, receive and issue tokens
    Just like Bitcoin, you can scan QR Codes to send and receive Counterparty tokens. You can also issue your own tokens from the palm of your hand using your smartphone.

  • Push notifications
    Push notifications are available for interaction between IndieSquare wallets. Real-time notification makes tokens even closer to you.

  • Trade on the Decentralized Exchange
    All Counterparty tokens are ready to be traded on the Decentralized Exchange(DEX) in a secure manner using the blockchain.

  • Client-side encryption
    Your private key is heavily encrypted and stored in the application. It is never revealed on the server. Secure and trustless.

  • View the value of token's in your local currency
    IndieSquare Wallet supports multiple fiat currencies in addition to the dollar, euro and yen, giving you the ability to check the value of your tokens in your local currency.

  • Compatible with
    Passphrases generated on our wallet are fully compatible with other Counterparty wallets.

IndieSquare Inc.