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Web application to open the city council plenaries
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OpenPlenary is a web application to open the city council plenaries and let the people know the decisions taken by the councilors. It it developed using the Groovy language and the Grails framework.

See it live here

Build Instructions

Configuration options

You can configure OpenPlenary using the provided "openplenary-config.groovy.sample" file, just rename it removing the ".sample" extension.

The configuration entries are:

  • grails.serverURL: Needed to generate the user register confirmation link. Type your domain and/or context if it is different than the default value http://localhost:8080/openplenary
  • grails.openplenary.defaultLocale: application language, by default: new Locale("en","EN")
  • dataSource: By default H2 database in memory mode. Recommended MySQL. See the Grails documentation for details
  • mail: See the Mail plugin documentation for configuration details
  • grails.openplenary.mail.from: The from email address used in the register confirmation message
  • grails.openplenary.layout: The HTML layout. By default 'main'
  • The color style to be applied to the layout (blue, brown, green, orange, red, violet or yellow). By default "yellow".
  • The name of the town, city or entity
  • Allow anonymous votes. By default false.
  • Maximum number of anonymous votes if "" is set to true. By default 5.
  • grails.openplenary.subject.slicePoint: Numbers of limit characters to slice the text of a point. By default 1000
  • grails.openplenary.encodeEmail: If true the users email is encoded in the database. By default false
  • grails.openplenary.fileUploadPath: File upload directory
  • grails.plugins.springsecurity.facebook.appId: Application identifier for Facebook login
  • grails.plugins.springsecurity.facebook.secret: Secret word for Facebook login
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