An Indigo plugin that exposes devices as Hue lights for Amazon Alexa devices (Echo, Fire TV)
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The Alexa-Hue Bridge is a plugin for version 7+ of the Indigo Home Automation system. Version 3.0.23+ of this plugin emulates multiple Philips Hue bridges to publish Indigo actions and devices (on/off and dimmer types only) to these Amazon Alexa devices: Echo [Gen 1], Echo Dot [Gen 1 & 2].

Use the latest 1.x release for Indigo 6.

There is a 20 device limit for each emulated Hue Bridge which is imposed by the plugin to handle a limitation in Amazon's Alexa implementation. By supporting more than one emulated Hue Bridge this limit is now effectively bypassed.

Version 3 adds the ability to directly control Indigo Actions in addition to Indigo Devices.

It is strongly recommended to read the Wiki Documentation to familiarise yourself with the new way of working which is substantially different to earlier plugin versions (V1 and V2).