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A plugin to talk to some Global Cache devices. Abandoned by the original developer.
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#Global Cache Plugin

This plugin allows you to use Global Cache devices. It hasn't been updated in a while since most users are using Cynical Caché ( instead (it's supported by the developer) but is included here in case someone wants to use the source for any reason.

This plugin was originally developed by Chris Baltas who has given us permission to open-source the plugin for the community.

##Downloading for use

If you are a user and just want to download and install the plugin, click on the "Download Zip" button to the right and it will download the plugin and readme file to a folder in your Downloads directory called "global-cache". Once it's downloaded just open that folder and double-click on the "GlobalCache.indigoPlugin" file to have the client install and enable it for you.


If you want to contribute, just clone the repository, make your changes, and issue a pull request. Make sure that you describe the change you're making thoroughly - this will help the repository managers accept your request more quickly.


Perceptive Automation is hosting this repository and will do minimal management. Unless a pull request has no description or upon cursory observation has some obvious issue, pull requests will be accepted without any testing by us. We may choose to delegate commit privledges to other users at some point in the future.

We (Perceptive Automation) don't guarantee anything about this plugin - that this plugin works or does what the description above states, so use at your own risk.

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