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Make dejavu usages faster
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dejavu optimizer

The dejavu optimizer analyzes your code, making dejavu usages faster.
Benchmarks: jsperf

What it does?

  • Improves $super(), $self and $static usage
  • Removes the need for wrappers, improving performance by a great margin
  • Removes abstract functions from abstract classes
  • Removes functions from interfaces
  • Removes all $locked and $member() because they are not used in the loose version


Node script

There's a simple nodejs script located in the bin folder. If you are optimizing your code for nodejs then pass the --closure option. This will boost the performance when running code in v8. Please look at the jsperf results to see the difference in the different browsers.

Example usage:

node optimizer < file_in.js > file_out.js node optimizer --closure < file_in.js > file_out.closure.js


To use the optimizer programatically, please check bin/optimizer for an example.


dejavu comes with an automaton and grunt task.

Sample usage of automaton:

var dejavuOptimizer = require('dejavu/tasks/optimizer.autofile');

module.exports = function (task) {, {
        description: 'Optimize myfile',
        options: {
            closure: true, // defaults to false
            files: {
                'src/myfile.js': 'dst/myfile.opt.js'

Sample usage of grunt:


    dejavuopt: {
        sometarget: {
            closure: true, // defaults to false
            files: {
                'dst/myfile.opt.js': 'src/myfile.js'


Released under the MIT License.

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