Multiple glob expansions with exclusions and hooks
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Multiple glob expansions with exclusions and hooks. Possible to use asynchronously and synchronously.


$ npm install gloth


var excludeSizeHigherThen = require('hooks/excludeSizeHigherThen');

gloth(['src/**/*', '!b.js', excludeSizeHigherThen(2097152)], function (err, matches) {
    // Do things with matches
var excludeSizeHigherThen = require('hooks/excludeSizeHigherThen');

var matches = gloth.sync(['src/**/*', '!b.js', excludeSizeHigherThen(2097152)]);
// Do things with matches

The example above would expand all files in the src folder, exclude any file named b.js and run the excludeSizeHigherThen hook. This hook would look something like:

var fs = require('fs');

module.exports = function (size) {
    return function (matches) {
        return matches.filter(function (match) {
            var stat = fs.statSync(match);

            return !stat.isFile() || stat.size <= size;

The hook above was written synchronously. The asynchronous version would be:

var fs    = require('fs');
var async = require('async');

module.exports = function (size) {
    return function (matches, next) {
        async.filter(matches, function (match, next) {
            fs.stat(match, function (err, stat) {
                if (err) return next(false);

                next(!stat.isFile() || stat.size <= size);
        }, function (results) {
            next(null, results);

For more information on how hooks are done, please check the built-in hooks in the source code. The options available are the same as the glob ones.

IMPORTANT: sync hooks can be run in gloth async and sync, but async hooks can only be used with gloth async.


Released under the MIT License.