Checks if a given hypermedia link is working or broken (2xx).
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Checks if a given hypermedia link is working or broken (2xx).

Tries a HEAD request first because it's faster. If that fails, tries a GET request and aborts it as soon as we got the response headers. If the URL is unreachable, optionally checks if you are offline to avoid returning false negatives.


$ npm install is-link-working


isLinkWorking(url, options) -> Promise

const isLinkWorking = require('is-link-working');

.then((working) => console.log('working', working))
.catch((err) => console.log('err while checking', err));

Available options:

  • checkConnectivity - True to check internet connectivity if the request fails because of a network error (defaults to false)
  • followRedirect - Defines if redirect responses should be followed automatically (defaults to true)
  • timeout - Milliseconds to wait for a server to send response headers before aborting request with ETIMEDOUT error (defaults to 10000)
  • retries - Number of request retries when network errors happens, see got retries option for more information (defaults to 3)
  • agent - The agent to use, see (defaults to null)

Connectivity status (online/offline) is made with is-online and its result is cached for 5000 ms to avoid calling it too many times. You may tweak that if you want:

isLinkWorking.connectivityCacheDuration = 0;  // No cache


$ npm test
$ npm test-cov to get coverage report


Released under the MIT License.