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Weird formatting of colored prompt message #2

bilalq opened this Issue · 4 comments

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The prompt message seems to display strangely when a colored message is used. The cursor appears indented far to the right. When hitting backspace, the text moves back to where it should, but the cursor stays where it is. Once another key is pressed, the text goes back to it's indented location.

Both the colors and cli-color modules cause this to happen.

screen shot 2014-02-23 at 1 42 24 pm


I did a little digging around, and it seems the problem is in the read module that this depends on. I guess this can be marked as closed here.

@bilalq bilalq closed this

Actually, I may have closed this prematurely. flatiron/prompt handles this issue by monkey-patching the readline setPrompt interface:

Is that possibly a direction you guys would want to go here?

@bilalq bilalq reopened this

I'm currently in vacation, I will look closer later. Meanwhile feel free to make a PR with the monkey patched solution!


Closing this.

@satazor satazor closed this
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