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IndoorAtlas SDK Examples for iOS (Swift)

IndoorAtlas provides a unique Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution that runs a disruptive geomagnetic positioning in its full-stack hybrid technology for accurately pinpointing a location inside a building. The IndoorAtlas SDK enables app developers to use high-accuracy indoor positioning in venues that have been fingerprinted.

This example app showcases the IndoorAtlas SDK features and acts as a reference implementation in Swift for many of the basic SDK features. Getting started requires you to set up a free developer account and fingerprint your indoor venue using the IndoorAtlas MapCreator tool.

There are also similar examples for Objective-C and Android.

Getting Started

Set up your account

Get started by using CocoaPods

Clone or download this git repository and install the project dependencies using CocoaPods (recommended):

cd ios-sdk-swift-examples/example
pod install
open ios-sdk-swift-examples.xcworkspace

Set your API keys in ApiKeys.swift. API keys can be generated at https://app.indooratlas.com/apps

Manual IndoorAtlas framework download

If you are not using CocoaPods, the IndoorAtlas SDK framework can be downloaded and installed manually by following the steps on the IndoorAtlas web site: http://docs.indooratlas.com/ios/getting-started.html


These examples are included in the app:

  • Apple Maps: Shows the IndoorAtlas blue dot location overlaid on Apple Maps.
  • Apple Maps Overlay: Shows the location together with the associated floor plan bitmap overlay on the world map.
  • Image View: Floor plan bitmap image view with the blue dot location.
  • Console Prints: Shows console printout provided by the SDK.
  • Indoor-Outdoor: Example of transitions from unmapped (outdoor) spaces to mapped (indoor) spaces.
  • Wayfinding: Example of how to use IndoorAtlas Wayfinding framework


The IndoorAtlas SDK API documentation is available in the documentation portal: http://docs.indooratlas.com/ios/

Known issues

  • iOS automatic floor plan recognition is not always reliable. It can be improved by using ambient beacons, auxiliary information sources, or UI design choices. Otherwise, we recommend to set floorplan id directly when possible.

SDK Changelog



Copyright 2015-2017 IndoorAtlas Ltd. The IndoorAtlas SDK Examples are released under the Apache License. See the LICENSE.md file for details.