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Heatmap visualization using IndoorAtlas Data Api and MapBox visualization


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Heatmap visualization using IndoorAtlas Data API and Scala.js

Example heatmap

This project implements a simple web service that can be used to visualize IndoorAtlas session data for a given account, dates and floor levels. It demonstrates how

  • IndoorAtlas Data API can be used to fetch the session data, based on Data API key and given dates
  • The data can be used with heatmap visualization libraries, such as MapBox GL JS

Live demo here

  • Visualise your own user data or use an example visualization here.
  • In order to visualize your own user data, you will need an IndoorAtlas account with session data and a Data API key.
  • When using your own Data API key and logged in to IndoorAtlas, paths can also be used as a link to view the session in the IndoorAtlas session viewer:

Example link

Commercial use

This repository is for demonstration only. Users wishing to use IndoorAtlas Data API for commercial purposes, contact

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Building and running locally

  • Install sbt 1.3.0
  • Run sbt from command line in the project root
    • Should automatically resolve all dependencies
    • Build using sbt fastOptJS or fastOptJS (in sbt console)
      • For production, use fullOptJS and change resources/index.html dependency accordingly
    • Use ~fastOptJS for automatic build with code changes (e.g. when using an IDE) and refresh the page when done
  • Open target/scala_2.12/classes/index.html in a browser
    • Fill the fields and submit
    • Use Example button for fixed demo query config

Possible future improvements

  • Make the project cross compile to JS and JVM
    • command line + save to local json file for JVM
    • src folders already reflect this


Heatmap visualization using IndoorAtlas Data Api and MapBox visualization








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