IndoorAtlas Apache Cordova examples for iOS and Android
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IndoorAtlas Cordova Plugin Examples

IndoorAtlas provides a unique Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution that runs a disruptive geomagnetic positioning in its full-stack hybrid technology for accurately pinpointing a location inside a building. The IndoorAtlas SDK enables app developers to use high-accuracy indoor positioning in venues that have been fingerprinted.

This repository provides examples for IndoorAtlas Cordova Plugin.

Getting started requires you to set up a free developer account and fingerprint your indoor venue using the IndoorAtlas MapCreator 2. See IndoorAtlas developer documentation for futher instructions. The full API documentation for the Cordova plugin is available at

Select an example

This repository contains two different example projects.

  1. Google Maps example with IndoorAtlas Wayfinding
  2. Leaflet example with optional Mapbox maps

In addition, the Snippets folder contains partial code examples demonstrating the basics of the plugin.


Copyright 2015-2017 IndoorAtlas Ltd. The Cordova Plugin is released under the Apache License. See the file for details.