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INDUSTRIA Technology

А global enterprise technology consulting and development firm devoted to lead major enterprises through digital transformation.

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  1. Django widget for using multiple checboxes instead of <select multiple>

    JavaScript 8 4

  2. Store user uploaded files in a clipboard like environment for easy submitting AJAX forms with Files.

    Python 3

  3. fake-PIL Public

    This app is used when some application explicitly wants PIL but you have Pillow.

    Python 2 1

  4. DjangoCMS plugin for rapid creation of bootstrap carousel

    Python 2 6

  5. DjangoCMS plugin / apphook for handling and managing galeries. Trees of directories & subdirectories with pictures in it.

    Python 2

  6. Forked from samluescher/django-form-designer

    Design contact forms, search forms etc from the Django admin, without writing any code. Integrates with Django CMS.

    Python 1


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