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Product details can be found at

Software Wiki

The software that runs on this Adaptor has it's own Wiki page and software related tutorials will be populated there.

This software can run on other devices including directly on other OEM manufacturing equipment speeding up IPC-Hermes-9852 upgrades.


  • Quentin - SMT Single Lane - Datasheet
  • Austin - SMT Dual Single Lane

Newsletter and Software Update Notifications

We will issue notifications of software updates via email newsletter. The original purchaser of the Adaptor will have already been added to our email list for these newsletters, however it's recommended to add yourself if you are other members of the manufacturing team.

Quick Start

A Quick Start tutorial YouTube video is available to watch and we encourage you to subscribe to the channel to receive notifications of the latest updates.

The video details:

  1. Reserve IP Address - Ask your IT team to Reserve a IP Address based on the MAC Address found on the box. This will give the Adaptor a static IP Address. To set a Local Static IP (not recommended) see this tutorial.

  2. Install and use the Windows Discovery App -

  3. Set a Super User Username and Password for MultiPlug - Don't use sensitive passwords

  4. Set the IP Address and Port Number of the Upstream Hermes Machine. - /extensions/ image

  5. Set the Port Number of the Downstream Hermes Machine. - /extensions/ image

  6. Change the Hermes Machine ID and Lane - (Optional) /extensions/


  1. Install the MultiPlug.Ext.Hermes software licence - (may not be required) /extensions/ See below
  2. Restart the Adaptor - /apps/MultiPlug.Ext.Hermes/IPC-HERMES-9852-Gateway/



SMEMA Hermes Adaptor YouTube Channel

SMEMA Adaptor Family YouTube Channel

SMEMA Connections


Power Supply

MultiPlug.Ext.Hermes Software Extension

The Adaptor's main MultiPlug extension is MultiPlug.Ext.Hermes and it has it's own Support pages:

Setup & Tutorials

Software Bugs & Roadmap Enhancements

Software Licensing

  1. You will need the License key, which can be found as the UUID on the page /extensions/multiplug.ext.raspi.config/hat/
  2. and the Device ID which can be found on the page /extensions/ or just click the link 'Get a License via a software reseller' on that page.

MultiPlug Edge Computing Platform

The Adaptor's platform software is MultiPlug and it has it's own Support pages:

Setup & Tutorials

Software Bugs & Roadmap Enhancements

Maintenance Tasks

While setup is simple, we encourage you to familiar yourself with maintenance tasks such as:

  • Flashing a new operating system image to the SD Card via a USB Memory Stick.
  • Backing up and Restoring Recipes
  • Updating MultiPlug, or any Extension at Runtime using either a Internet connection, or sideloading a update file
  • Connecting to the Adaptor via USB, when a network connection is not available
  • Reading and Downloading log files
  • Using a MultiPlug Discovery application (Windows or Android) to remotely monitor the Adaptor

MultiPlug Extensions

Out-the-box and included on the operating system software image will be a set of MultiPlug Extensions with some default recipes. You can always install other Extensions to increase functionality of your MultiPlug installation on the Adaptor.


Recipes are the configurations for the individual MultiPlug Extensions which builds up the software solution of the Adaptor. They can be downloaded from a MultiPlug instance to keep as a backup or a golden recipe for other installations. Recipes can then be sideloaded (restored) using the same process. The Extension Multiplug.Ext.Recipe.File provides this functionality. Quick start Recipes are available to download below.


Operating System

MultiPlug ECP

You can also download and sideload updates to the MultiPlug Edge Computing Platform

Nuget Package Information
MultiPlug.Core Download


You can also download here and sideload the following Extensions

Extension Nuget Package Information
MultiPlug.Ext.Hermes Download
MultiPlug.Ext.RasPi.GPIO Download
MultiPlug.Ext.RasPi.Config Download
MultiPlug.Ext.SerialPort Download
MultiPlug.Ext.Network.Sockets Download
MultiPlug.Ext.Hermes.Config Download
MultiPlug.Ext.HostAPd.Config Download
MultiPlug.Ext.FileImporter Download

Productivity Apps

MultiPlug Network discovery Apps:

MultiPlug Edge Computing Platform (ECP)

If you want to create your own image, or install MultiPlug on a different computer: