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  • AnyVitePress

    forked from alexknowshtml/AnyVitePress

    A quick and dirty plugin that lets you drop a shortcode into a post, along with an AnyVite event ID, which displays a form allowing people to RSVP to that event.


  • css-sprite-generator

    This is a quick little utility to take some of the pain out of stitching together graphics for use as css-sprites it was conceived to fit a specific workflow. Original Authors: Saul Rosenbaum - Chris Morrell


  • Objective-C 40 5


    An easy/fast way to add JSON encoding/decoding to your cocoa project. Original Author: Jason Allum


  • pygooglecalendarreader

    Uses Google Data APIs to pull calendar information and print it out into a list for easy "upcoming events" listings.


  • Objective-C 3 0


    A trivial Objective-C/Cocoa application for icon developers that displays icon (.icns) files that are dropped on it, as the app's icon on the dock.


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