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Lesson #1 - Echo, Variables, IF

Feb 2, 2013 - Updated instructions for editor v1.1 update

Review & Info

  • Use your class account to edit and run PHP scripts
  • Use GITHUB (see Lesson0) to view class lessons and materials
  • HTML and CSS (video missing from Lesson0) will be incorporated through subsequent classes
  • An updated version of the editor.php script is now available

Updating Editor

  • If your editor ( ) does not show "Editor V1.1" at the top, you need to update the code
  • This update fixes attribute problems and improves running scripts by putting the output in an iframe rather than a pop-up.
  • To return the file editing mode after pressing RUN, press the EDIT button again.

Update Procedure

  • Press the Shell button and run these commands:
  • git clone
  • cp editor/editor.php .
    • . refers to the current directory, thus same as cp editor/editor.php ./editor.php
  • Return to the Editor tab and press CTRL-R to reload
  • Confirm that the title reads "Editor V1.1"

Video Series

  • Many thanks to Andrew Cutting of PLTW for passing along a great educational video series on PHP
  • We will be using these in this class, but also filling in with class projects each 4th Saturday when we come together to review.
  • Our target goal is not only to show you how to develop in PHP, but also build some useful tools and real websites along the way.

1A: Echo

  • Watch video:
  • Follow along using our class editor tool to recreate the same PHP, SAVE as Lesson1a.php, and RUN it.
  • Note that when the presentor talks about "full stop" he means the period character (.)

1B: Variables

1C: If, Else


  • Are these video lessons working for you?
  • Is 3 lessons per week too little - should we move through the material faster?
  • Please email your comments to