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Monstercat FM Tools

Monstercat FM Tools is a command line utility for getting informationfrom the Monstercat stream at

Availiable on npm: mcfm

By parsing monstercat's messages on the stream, it can recover some information about the currently playing song.

It currently can

  • Save current artist and song name to a file (great for using together with OBS or other streaming programs)
  • Download the current songs album art from Spotify

Getting started

mcfm-tools is built with node / iojs, so a working installation of node or iojs is required. Nodejs can easily be installed from When nodejs is installed, make sure you can use it from the command line and you are ready to install mcfm

  1. Open a terminal and type npm install -g mcfm to install mcfm globally on your system
  2. type mcfm to make sure mcfm was installed properly
  3. Get an API key for using the Twitch chat through IRC, the easiest way is to use
  4. type mcfm -u Ineentho -o oauth:7j8vge4o0l1js2m1z6gb936cpwhmm1, replacing Ineentho with your Twitch username and oauth:7j... with the key you got from twitchapps.
  5. Now, each time the song is changed it should be printed to your terminal. If that's working, you can continue to examples section to see how to save this information to a file


Keep in mind the oauth key you generated earlier will be required with all of these commands.

Save current song name to a file called current-song.txt

This is probably the easiest way to display the current song in most streaming programs (including OBS)

mcfm -u user -o oauthkey -f current-song.txt

You will now have a file called current-song.txt containging the current song like "Breakdown - Noisestorm" for example.

Customize the output format

If you aren't happy with default "Song - Artist", you can easily change it with the -F parameter.

mcfm -u user -o oauthkey -f current-song.txt -F "{song} by {artist}"

Allowed parameters: Song: {song}, Artist: {artist}, Spotify url: {spotify}, Album art url: {art} (if --arts is specified)

Save the album art to a file

You can store the album art from spotify into a png file. This can be combined with any of the previous examples, or used as in this example.

mcfm -u user -o oauthkey -A albumart.png


mcfm -h will print all availiable options.