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Minecraft: Java Edition - Data Pack

Teleport to your Crosshair.

"Craft a special Item that lets you teleport to the block you are looking at."

Crafting:                          Use:
Nether Star + Eye of Ender         Right click to teleport where you are looking.


🔗 How to Install a Datapack

Esoteric excess pack info:
Rough Draft for now, May add more in depth features such as damage on tp similar to pearls or an exp system to pay for teleports.
Most likely will keep this version of the pack simple and make branches or spinoffs for those features.

Donations appreciated:🔗

All of my projects take an inordinate amount of time to upkeep/create.
I use my free time to make them. Any support would be much appreciated!
If you enjoy these packs and want to see more like them and see them maintained, send me some love!

Ive been trying to make this a datapack for years... Finally found some good ray-tracing code.
Its really a pain to get these working right and efficiently.
I hope you enjoy!