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Minecraft: Java Edition - Data Pack

Craft Chainmail into something worth using!
This datapack allows you to add a health modifier to chestplates and elytras.
(Elytras will get netherite plating)

Obtain a totem of undying and a nether star, put them in a crafting grid, a knowledge book will appear, click it and you will recive a Chains+ crafting item.

Throw your Chainmail set and or elytra on the ground and right click with the Chains+ Item, the Armor will be modified.
A Full set will grant you another row of health.

(When wearing the Enhanced armor on login you'll get 2 full health bars so you dont have to eat every login.)
(Trouble Updating Versions? Install new version, delete old version, "/funtion chains:uninstall" and then "/reload")

Hit the advancements key to see in game info and help!



How to Install a Datapack

Check Branches for simple/other/older versions opf the pack.

Donations appreciated:🔗

All of my projects take an inordinate amount of time to upkeep/create.
I use my free time to make them. Any support would be much appreciated!
If you enjoy these packs and want to see more like them and see them maintained, send me some love!

Thank you for checking out the pack!
I hope you enjoy!
Inspired by a Transaction in my other pack "Blockmart".


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