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Entity Persistence

Minecraft: Java Edition - Data Pack

Dropped Items Never Despawn!

Non-Mob Items will Never despawn!
Arrows shot from skeletons can be picked up! Tridents you throw never disapear!
Experience orbs and items dont burn or blow up!
Exp orbs do despawn sadly. Rotten flesh, bones, bows and arrows(item form) will be purged every 30 minutes(per item timer, not a mass wipe).

"Recomended for use on smaller servers."
If you have mob farms or automated farms, they may cause lag with this datapack.
Make sure the collection rates are as close to 100% as possible.


🔗 How to Install a Datapack

Thank you to KubosKube for making this idea 6 years ago and showing it to me recently!
I asked him if i could use it as the basis for a few ideas and packs.
Made this for him as a true to form modern recreation of his original command block structure.
Amazing stuff kubos! keep it up!
Original Idea and video

Donations appreciated:🔗

All of my projects take an inordinate amount of time to upkeep/create.
I use my free time to make them. Any support would be much appreciated!
If you enjoy these packs and want to see more like them and see them maintained, send me some love!

This pack will cause lag if your pc/server is somewhat of a potato. or if you have a very busy or big server.
future updates will include admin commands to kill excess items.