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FBS-Kit - Minecraft Datapack - Java
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FBSKitV1.2 Version 1.2 - Fixed small bugs, added uninstall Feb 2, 2020
LICENSE MIT Jan 23, 2020 Datapack Info - Added Uninstall Feb 2, 2020

A Minecraft Datapack which Gives new players a kit of items.

 This Datapack gives new players a kit of items.
 When a new player joins the Server, they get a Kit.
 Includes: Stone Tools, Bow/Arrows, Leather Armor, 3 Player Heads, a Welcome Book and a Command Book.
 Kit Editable in new.MCF. (and books.mcf)
 /trigger KitBooks
 /trigger KitHeads
 OP Command:
 /function kit:uninstall (uninstalls the pack.  this will reset everyone if you reinstall afterward.)

Thanks for checking this pack out! I honestly just made it for my personal server to Induct new players.
I hope it serves someone well!

 Check out the Beta-Testing Server!



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