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 Mark/ Recall
 Minecraft Mark and Recall "Spell"

Adds in a Mark and Recall ability similar to what TES games had untill oblivion.


  Click MarkRecVx.x and then click download.  (same applys to "Mark-Recall Textures Vx.x" if you desire the textures.)
  (Paste resource pack into resource pack folder.)
  Paste the datapack into your .minecraft/saves/world/datapacks folder.


 Throw 3 Eye of enders, and 3 Pieces of paper on top of an enchanting table together and you will recieve 3 Marks.
 Place a mark on the ground to mark your location, you will be given a recall Item.
 Place Recall on the ground to return to Mark.


 /trigger sw_help
 Will explain how things work in-game.
 /function sw:uninstall to unisntall the scoreboards for the datapack. (useful when updating versions)

How to Install a Datapack:

 A special Thank you to Xisuma and the Vanilla Tweaks Team for putting together 
 the beautiful sethome datapack upon which this is based. <3
 Made this for my own server but I thought other folks may appreciate its functionality.

Credits: Vanilla Tweaks by Xisumavoid:

Thank you for checking out the pack! I hope you enjoy!