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Minecraft: Java Edition - Data Pack

Mark and Recall "Spell" in Minecraft!

Adds in a Mark and Recall ability similar to what TES games had untill oblivion.

Obtain an Eye of Ender and paper, craft them together and you will recieve 3 Items.
Right click the "Mark" to set a Mark. Right Click "Recall" to return to a Mark.
Right click "Cycle Mark" to cycle thru which Mark your'e Mark/Recalling to.

Mark/Recall Entities: (Mark: 0)
Cycle Mark to 0 to use Entity Recall.
Use ''Mark'' near any Mob/Player to Mark them. (can have multiple marked entities, marks 1 at a time)
Use ''Recall'' to summon them at will.
Sneak and Right Click ''Recall'' to teleport to nearest marked entity.
Sneak and Right Click ''Mark'' to Un-Mark nearest entity. (unmarks 1 at a time)
Sneak and Right Click ''Cycle Mark'' to see whos marked. (Wont summon entities if active)

 /function markrec:uninstall  (unisntall the datapack)      
 delete the pack in datapacks folder afterward.

Hit the advancements key to see in game info and help!

This piggy backs off of VanillaTweaks "Home",
you will need to download it in order for this pack to work 100%!

-Location marking wont work without Homes. Marking entities should work.



How to Install a Datapack

 A special Thank you to Xisuma and the Vanilla Tweaks Team for putting together 
 the beautiful sethome datapack upon which this is based. <3
 Made this for my own server but I thought other folks may appreciate its functionality.

Credits: Vanilla Tweaks by Xisumavoid

Donations appreciated:🔗

All of my projects take an inordinate amount of time to upkeep/create.
I use my free time to make them. Any support would be much appreciated!
If you enjoy these packs and want to see more like them and see them maintained, send me some love!

Thank you for checking out the pack! I hope you enjoy!