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Truly Random Message of The Day

Minecraft: Java Edition - Data Pack

Send a random message to the player when they log in.

This Datapack Contains Explicit Content such as cussing and vulgarity.
If you do not wish to see such things, Check out the PG Edition. It has 1000 Family Friendly Messages.

If you are under the age of consent please ask your parents for permission before using the Full Edition pack!

     /trigger <motd>  
   motd: sends the player a random message  
You can use the command:  
     /scoreboard players set @p Logout 1 ,to trigger a message for the closest player, or 
     /scoreboard players set @a[distance=..50] Logout 1 ,for an area of effect message.  

If your going to use this on a public or busy server I recommend using the PG edition. or edit some of the messages.
You can customize the messages once downloaded, there are notes in the function files explaing how to change or add messages.

 (There will be a depreceated pack of RFX soon if anyone wants the login music or visuals back.)  


How to Install a Datapack
Suggest Motd's for this pack here!

Motd Sources:
All the Minecraft Splashes as of Dec 2019, an evergrowing # of 2b2t Motds,
Ubuntu 2007 Forums Motds, Discord Loading Lines, Google Translate Resource Pack,
Minecraft Advancements, Random Ideas, And a fair amount of custom Motds,
All Realms's Twitch Quotes as of 3-27-20, All Futurama Motd's.

 TRMotd / MOTD / RMOTD / Vanilla Minecraft MOTD / Vanilla Minecraft RMotd / Truly Random Message of The Day / Random Message of The Day / Message of The Day

I spent an inordinate amount of time making this so, I really hope your enjoy. :)
Special Thanks to M.R. Programs for helping me create this.
and to mcskware for his prng datapack for 1.13 and willingness to share his code.