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Thermodynamic - Minecraft: Java Edition - Data Pack

Create a super cold blast! Melt Pesky Obsidian!
Cool lava and freeze water! Evaporate water and ice!

How to Use Cryo-Bomb:

Place a Blue Ice block on a Magma Block and it will create a Cryo-Bomb, 
the blast will turn nearby water/lava to its solid form.  

Place Packed Ice next to Magma to create a mini Cryo-Bomb! 
(turns lava to magma, freezes less water)  
Standing to close may hurt!  

How to Use Thermite:

Place a Ancient Debris on a Magma Block and it will create Thermite, 
the reaction will turn nearby Obsidian into Magma.  
Water and Ice nearby will be evaporated.  
Standing to close may hurt!  


Craft Packed Ice and Ancient Debris together.    
Eat the Thermal-Cycle item to toggle Bombs On/Off.  

Crafting Thermodynamic Armor:

Craft Blue Ice and a Netherite Block together, 
drop any Leggings on the ground and eat the item you crafted to create Thermodynamic Armor.  

If you are wearing a Netherite Chestplate/Plated Elytra/Thermodynamic Armor or a Chains+ Chest piece you will not be damaged by the blast!

Hit the advancements key to see in game info and help!



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How to Install a Datapack

OG Packs:

Original pack: Lava Sponge
By: Cortexiphen
(I just improved the pack for my purposes and made it multipurpose.)

Donations appreciated:🔗

All of my projects take an inordinate amount of time to upkeep/create.
I use my free time to make them. Any support would be much appreciated!
If you enjoy these packs and want to see more like them and see them maintained, send me some love!


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