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Game Jolt Unity API

Game Jolt Game API wrapper for Unity.

Check out the documentation.


Released under MIT.


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Keeping / up to date as new features are added make the release of new versions much simpler.

In addition, it gives a clear indication on what has been added/fixed/etc but not released yet.


The documentation is generated with Doxygen and can be used via the GUI or the CLI.

The configuration file can be found at /Documentation/Doxyfile. Unfortunately the paths are absolute and will depend on the developer machine.

To update the documentation, run make doc_generate. To preview it, run make doc_serve and visit http://localhost:8000/. The documentation is generated into the docs directory with is configured to be served for GitHub pages. Therefore the documentation is automatically published by just pushing the changes.

Release new version

Part 1 - Prepare the package

  1. Update the version number following Semantic Versioning.
    • VERSION in /Assets/Plugins/GameJolt/Scripts/API/Constants.cs.
    • PROJECT_NUMBER in /Documentation/Doxyfile.
  2. Update
    • Convert the Unreleased section to the new version number, following the formatting of the previous versions.
    • Make sure to create the corresponding link at the bottom of the file
    • Make sure to update the unreleased link as well to it compare from the new version.
  3. Commit the changes with the message Release vX.Y.Z.
  4. Push the changes to the remote. See the 2.2.0 release as an example.
  5. Create the corresponding tag with git tag vX.Y.Z.
  6. Push the tag to the remote with git push --tags

Part 2 - Create the Unity Package

  1. In the Project view, select the Plugins folder.
  2. Right-click and choose Assets > Export Package....
  3. Uncheck include dependencies.
  4. Click Export.
  5. Save as GameJoltUnityAPI_X.Y.Z.unitypackage in a folder which isn't tracked by git.

Part 3 - Upload the package

  1. GitHub
    1. Go to Code > Releases.
    2. Click Draft a new Release.
    3. In tag and version, use the name of the tag created earlier. It should be vX.Y.Z.
    4. Copy the changes from the changelog in the body (formatting can stay the same)
    5. Attach the newly created package.
    6. Click Publish release
  2. GameJolt
    1. Go to Dashboard > Your Games > Unity API > Manage.
    2. Select Packages.
    3. Find Unity API v2 and click Manage.
    4. Click New Release.
    5. Set the version number.
    6. Attach the build as a Downloadable Build.
    7. Select Other for the platform.
    8. Publish.
    9. Create a news in the Devlog so the developers following the project are notified.
  3. Unity Asset Store